Abstract: There are many image retrieval and image compression techniques. Most of the image retrieval techniques are not capable to fastest relevant image retrieval. CBVIR is also known as Content based vector image retrieval or Query based image content. In CBIR, user gives image as an input to the system and after processing system returns similar images of Output. In this work, we present CBVIR using VQ. VQ is a classical quantization technique. VQ captures the spatial relationship between pixel. VQ contains codebook generation, encoding and decoding. Effective image indexing and retrieval technique are essential using codebook. Using CBVIR , retrieval performance is faster than the color based image retrieval. In this paper, we present a snapshot of the recent developed schemes. The discussed schemes include LBG, Enhance LBG (ELBG).

Keywords: CBVIR, Vector Quantization (VQ), LBG, ELBG, Image Indexing, Image Retrieval, Image Compression.