Abstract: Now a day, traveling recommendation is important for user who is the plan for traveling. There are many existing techniques which are used for travel recommendation. In this paper explain a personalized travel sequence recommendation system using travelogues and users contributed photos with metadata of this photo by comparing existing different technique. It recommends personalized users travel interest and recommend a sequence of travel interest instead of an individual point of interest. The existing system cannot complete the requirement i.e. personalized and sequential recommendation together. To solve the problem of providing personalized and sequential travel package recommendation, a topical package model is created using social media data in which automatically mine user travel interest with another attribute like time, cost, and season of traveling. The proposed system uses the travelogues and photos of social media which map each user and routes description to the topical package area to induce user topical package model and route topical package model. To suggest personalized POI sequence, first famous routes are stratified as per the similarity between user package and route package. Then high stratified routes are more optimized by using social similar users travel records for more accuracy.

Keywords: Travel recommendation, Geo-tagged photos, and Social media.