Abstract: With use of advanced image processing methods and tools, it becomes very easy to perform recognition and identification of humans using iris images. There are two main types of images such as Image Captured in Visible Light and Image Captured in NIR Lights. The iris technique is mostly used to human identification and recognition. In the iris recognition system use images are captured under NIR light. Hence identify such image parameters, curves and important location; it is required to automatic identification of human which can improve the identification and recognition of biometric machines. The image processing based methods are mainly three important phases such as image pre-processing, iris segmentation and feature extraction. This paper scope is limited to study on identification and recognition methods. In this paper, aim is to present the study on different recent techniques of human identification using biometric system and different approaches like 1-D DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) filter execution, matching and recognition and circular normalization. The outcome of this paper is to find the current research challenges based on study of different methods of iris recognition system through the comparative study of all recent methods studied.

Keywords: Iris, Image Captured in NIR Light, 1-D DWT Filter Execution.