Abstract: The paper after reviewing various relevant literature proposes effective and efficient model to curb exam derelictions in pre-university exams in Kenya. Since all irregularities, including fraudulent results, have a devastating impact on public confidence in local public examinations, it is vital, and that over and above the application of detailed policy, the use of new technologies and information systems should be instrumental in minimizing and even preventing this menace from undermining the credibility of examination authorities. As academics, we strive to link assessment with the sorts of learning activities in which students and pupils engage and to employ a variety of assessment methods. ICT provides a link between learning, teaching and assessment. Examination computer systems should be designed in such a way that it not only supports the administration of examinations, but that it also becomes instrumental as a verification and validation system. This research therefore proposes e-Proctored in order to support current educational goals in pre-university exam test especially for primary schools in Kenya having been the beneficiaries of the governments’ free laptop project. The study argues that developing and infusion of e-Proctored solution architecture by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) remains the answer to curb examination malpractices in Kenyan primary schools especially acknowledging the efforts by the Government to introduce laptops in Kenya primary schools.

Keywords: Exam dereliction, e-Proctored Model, Exam Irregularity electronic Solution Architecture, e-Assessments.