Abstract: Digital License Plate Detection and Recognition is one of the most common and important technology for the intelligent world, where our trend is to automate everything. Now a days, Digital License Plate Detection and Recognition is widely used in traffic control, toll-pay, real-time monitoring and parking systems in many developed countries. Different standards and styles for license plate exist all over the world. So there is a clear absence of standardization of number plate. Therefore it is hard to detect and recognize all of them by a single algorithm. The techniques used in this project are Vertical Edge Detection with Ratio Verifying method for number plate detection and Template Matching for license number recognition. Vertical Edge Detection is performed for detecting the possible plate regions and Ratio of each region is verified for extracting the actual number plate. After the detection process, the detected plate is further processed for recognizing the license number. Recognition is carried out by segmentation and Template Matching algorithm. The new system is examined for several car images and is capable of recognizingvarious license numbers at a satisfactory level.

Keywords: License plate recognition, improved template matching, character recognition, Pattern Recognition, computer vision.