Abstract: Food is one of the most important requirements of every living being on earth. The human beings require their food to be fresh, pure and of standard quality. The standards imposed and automation carried out in food processing industry takes care of food quality. Now a day, people across the universe are becoming more sensitive to their diet. Unbalanced diet may cause many problems like weight gain, obesity, diabetes, etc. So different systems were developed so as to analyze food images to calculate calorie and nutrition level. This system proposes a effective way to measure and manage daily food intake of patients and dietitians. The system will take the images of food and using image processing, segmentation and classification it calculates the nutrition and calorie content in the food. The proposed system will certainly improve and facilitate the current calorie measurement techniques. In this paper, food portion recognition system use for measuring the calorie and nutrition values. The user just to take a picture of the food image then to recognize the image to detect the type of food portion and classify using support vector machine. we are performing segmentation, food portion recognition using skull striping and classification using support vector machine to calculate the calorie along with the type of energy in accurate way.

Keywords: Calorie and Nutrition estimation, Segmentation by Fuzzy C Means, Classification using Support Vector Machine.