Abstract: The face is the identity of a person. The method to exploit this physical feature have seen a great change since the advent of image processing techniques. The attendance is taken in every school, colleges and library. Traditional approach for attendance is professor calls student name & record attendance. The system described in this paper aims to deviate from such traditional system and introduce a new approach for taking an attendance using image processing. This paper describes the working of An Automatic Attendance System in a classroom environment. There are several approaches to face recognition of which Principle Component Analysis (PCA) has been used extensively in literature. In this paper, Face Recognition based Automatic Attendance System using Principle Component Analysis is proposed. The system consists of a database of a set of facial patterns for individual. The characteristic features called ‘Eigen Faces’ are extracted from the stored images using which the system is trained for subsequent recognition of new images.

Keywords: Face Recognition, Face Detection, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Eigen Face.