Abstract: As we move forward with increasing demands of energy generation, it has become very necessary to optimize the systems where in the energy consumption is either very large or is inefficient. The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of how roads of future can be built using self-healing solar technology using phospholipid cells and how the electrical energy transfer will take place using cordless systems for electric vehicles i.e. in-motion charging using green energy as it is known that carbon emissions due to transportation has left adverse effects on wildlife and environment around the globe. Once come into effect Green energy can play vital role in decreasing carbon emission further conventional wind turbines could be used along with bladeless vortex Technology for generation of electricity. Also the advanced electric vehicles charging system using inductive power transfer will altogether help in reduced emission levels.

Keywords: Bladeless vortex, Electric vehicles [EV] charging through IPT, In-motion wireless power transfer, Self-healing solar-phospholipid cells.