Abstract: In the modern Digital time, Data Mining is the powerful area for analyze the large data sets to get unexpected results. Text mining is the application of data mining techniques which are used to extract knowledge from Text documents. Interest in Text mining has grown in very short time. In this paper our approach is to extract structured text from unstructured text and predict stock prices using neural network. It also explains how text mining plays an important role by getting large set of contents and uses those contents in decision making which will be useful in particular environment like business, education and research. In stock market prediction we will predict all upcoming ups and down in stock market. We will predict stock market prices and also check the parameters due to which stock prices can be increase or decrease like Political Parties, Economic Effects, Increasing demands etc. In stock market prediction we make a hypothesis for getting desired results. We will also design some useful parameters to optimize our system which will obtain good predictive performance.

Keywords: Text Mining, Time Series analysis, Stock market prediction, Support Vector Machine, Accuracy, Remove noisy data.