Abstract: In This paper, the software implementation of the hybrid cryptosystem which consists of the Symmetric-key algorithm AES-256 and the secure hash algorithm SHA-2 256 is presented using the VI LabVIEW environment toolkit. The idea of the proposed Hybrid Cryptosystem is to use the SHA-256 bit as a key generation for AES-256 in order to improve the data security to a greater extent because it provides higher security in terms of complexity. The proposed hybrid cryptosystem is implemented using LabVIEW 2013, and from the simulation results obtained, we see the simplicity in modeling AES-256,SHA-256 and the complete hybrid cryptosystem, the results show two cases, the first case is how we can use the same input messages(plain text of AES-256 is the same as the input message to SHA-256), and the second case with different input messages (plain text of AES-256 is not the same as the input message to SHA-256). And from these results we see that the output results will be the same for the compelete hybrid cryptosystem in the two cases.

Keywords: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), Cryptography, Hash function (SHA-2 256), key Generation, LabVIEW.