Abstract: Working along with traditional help desk requires manpower. In traditional help desk, there is an interaction between two humans, one with the query and the other responsible for giving an appropriate response to the query. Traditional help desk is thoroughly dependent on human. Traditional system works in a structured predefined format which puts constraints on the userís activities. Our proposed system focuses on removing the structured middleware approach by introducing a fully automated help desk which would be responsible for the processing and answering of the user query in an appropriate manner; thus, making it a human-technology based interaction. Our proposed system allows user to interact with the database with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP). User query is taken in its natural form and is converted into a SQL (Structured Query Language) query with the help of NLP, which is then executed in order to retrieve data from the database. Our system acts an interface between the database and the user; also, it is flexible in its working due to the use of NLP allowing users to interact with the database in their own way.

Keywords: Speech-to-text; Text-to-Speech; NLP (Natural Language Processing); Morphological Analysis; Lexical Analysis; Syntactic Analysis; Semantic Analysis.