Abstract: A popular class of threats known as zero day malware has drawn increasing attention from researchers primarily from the organization sector. The term “zero day” refers to the unknown nature of the hole to those outside of the hackers, specifically, the developers. Once the vulnerability becomes known, a race begins for the developer, who must protect users. In order for the vendor to rectify the vulnerability, the software company must release a patch. Traditional based antivirus are unable to detect these kind of threats,For cybercriminals, unpatched vulnerabilities in popular software, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Flash, represent a free pass to any target they might want to attack,so its better to keep update your software feature as well.In this paper our prime focus on getting information new kind of malware and what are the ways we can avoid that kind of threat as well.

Keywords: Zero day malware,Antivirus Evasion techniques,Zero day attack,Spear phishing.