Abstract: The LI-FI is the most up to date innovation in the Field of remote correspondence. These days many individuals are utilizing web to satisfy their undertaking through wired or remote. As the quantity of clients is expands the rate of information transmission in the remote system gets consequently diminishes. WI-FI gives us speed close around 150mbps.11n yet steel it is not ready to satisfy the necessity of the client due to such reason we are presenting the LI-FI. As per the German physicist Harald Hass LI-FI gives more speed (10megabits every second) information transmission by utilizing obvious light. So here in this condition we are dissect the LI-FI/WI-FI.It's a similar thought band behind infrared remote controls yet significantly more capable. Haas says his innovation, which he calls D-LIGHT, can create information rates speedier than our normal broadband association. In this we will look at and broke down the speed of LI-FI and WI-FI and furthermore organize sticking issue amid the expansion the expanding of clients.

Keywords: Wi-Fi, Radio Spectrum, Li-Fi, Visible Spectrum.