Abstract: Turbo Codes are used currently for voice and data transmission in real world. Prior to them, Polar Codes were used for same purpose. Polar Codes are the first capacity achieving codes that are used for better error performance and power utilization. Due to the fact that Polar Codes has low complexity, high transmission rates can be achieved. This project proposes Polar Code based Modem to improve the Bit-Error-Rate (BER) performance and power consumption at receiver end. The experimentation will be carried on BPSK/QPSK modulated signal. The communication will be through Wi-Fi transmission Technique. It uses principle of channel polarization for encoding and Successive Cancellation (SC) Decoder for decoding. We are using raspberry pi as processor and ADC that will support the Voice/Data conversion rate of 200 KSPS speed. The range of communication is equal to Wi-Fi range of raspberry pi module respectively. This will enhance and encourage the Hot-Spot applications.

Keywords: BER, BPSK, QPSK, SC, polar codes, polar coded modem.