Abstract: Mobile phones, which were used just for speaking and texting once, have been giving their places to smart phones. By means of these technological developments, we can receive and send mail via our smart mobile phones, get notification before any earthquake via earthquake warning systems, we can get rapid routing while we move from one place to the other, we can make virtual shopping and we can find our friends by using social platforms. Istanbul hosts many domestic and foreign tourists. It is getting importance that these tourists can visit all the historical places that are unique for Istanbul in a limited time. In this study, a mobile solution called as “Quick Istanbul” developed. Being designed for devices with Android operating system, this mobile application called as “Quick Istanbul” provides solutions to the problems such as the information and visuals of historical places; the way to go to any historical places from the point where they are and the order to visit the related historical places. An application has been developed to route the historical places in the shortest way in visiting these historical places for using the time in time – saving manner by Ant Colony Algorithm.

Keywords: Ant Colony Algorithm, Routing, Historical Places, Mobile Application.