Abstract: Microblogging, which has emerged as a new and popular tool for short and frequent communication, is increasingly influential in today’s businesses and society. Sina-microblog, the most popular microblogging service in China, has established a large user base; however, different users have different using styles.Microblogging becomes popular and more and more people begin to use Twitter and Sina-microblog. We focus on properties of microblogging. As a social media, microblogging has social property and media property. This paper highlighted that survey responses and focuson social networking sites microblogging system, Micro-blogs change from conventional blogs in that their messages are characteristically shorter in terms of size. The research was conducted to understand the effect of the use of microblogging in social networks have on knowledge sharing. This research allows to have a better understanding of the conditions, intentions and behavior to share knowledge through the use of mircroblogs. This paper concludes by comparingmany existing process of the microblogging system in social network sites and some possible future research works to be conducted.

Keywords: Social networking sites; Microblogging.