Abstract: In view of the present family security coefficient and poor family environment information control were complicated, family members can't access to environmental information conveniently, this paper proposed a Raspberry Pi as nuclear core processor used in the Internet of things of the family embedded robotic system. In this paper, a system is designed with an autonomous robot to sense environmental data such as temperature, air quality and store them on the cloud. The mobile robot is controlled and communicates with the cloud via a Raspberry Pi. The collected data are stored in a cloud server which could be viewed through a mobile app and can be used to create awareness about the environmental changes of the location under study. This work demonstrates a simple home automation system that allows the user to control home appliances through wireless. Lights and fans are among the appliances that can be used in this system. In this system, the controlling and monitoring the appliances can perform by using Smartphone based on Android application. Besides that, Android apps will exploit the services provided by restful API for controlling GPIO of Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is used as the board controller to connect the appliances through input and output port. The Communication between the Smartphone and the Raspberry Pi board is wireless.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, IoT, Family Robot, Smartphone, Mobile Robot.