Abstract: Industrial safety is one of the main aspects of industry specially coal mine industry. Underground mining hazards include suffocation, gas poisoning, object fall, roof collapse and gas explosion. So air quality and hazardous event detection is very important factor in mining industry. This system provides a wireless sensor network for monitoring real time situation of underground mines from base station. It provides real time monitoring of harmful gases like CO, CH4 and LPG and also temperature. The main reason for death of miners is that, due to any reason miners falls down and loses consciousness also proper treatment is not provided them at that time. To overcome this problem the system provide emergency alert to the supervisor if person fall down by any reason. Some workers are not aware for safety and they are not wear helmet. A Limit switch was then used to successfully determine whether a miner has removed his helmet or not. The system uses Zigbee technology for transmission of data from underground mine to base station. There is alert switch at mines and base station for emergency purpose.

Keywords: Zigbee; helmet removal; real time monitoring; coal mine safety; air quality; person fall detection.