Abstract: Liver cancer is one of the real death factors on the planet and furthermore known as hepatic tumor; it is a disease which begins in the liver, and not from another organ which at last goes to the liver. At the end of the day, there might be tumors which begin from elsewhere and wind up in the liver - those are not (essential) liver malignancies. By chance discovered central liver sores are a typical finding and an explanation behind referral to hepatobiliary benefit. They are frequently found in patients with history of liver cirrhosis, colorectal tumor, by chance amid work up for stomach torment or in an injury setting. The medical image segmentation and tumor detection process is done by following the three significant steps. The first step is to obtain clusters utilizing Fuzzy-C-Means(FCM) algorithm. Using FCM algorithm collecting data points and indicating the centroid then collect the number of centroids in the given images. Second step is to process and section a given medical image using level set method. The third step is to calculate area of segmented image and classify type of result.

Keywords: FCM, LSM, ZLS, AUCG, AUGI.