Abstract: The demand of internet is rising in exponential manner and it will increase more as advent of internet of things. With respect to demand the cost of running services will become high. So as to decrease the operational cost and traffic among different subscribers, the sharing will be a last option in order to reduce traffic and demand. In this paper there is sharing of LTE bands with Wi-Fi in order to reduce the traffic and increase the throughput of system. All the calculation are undergo through ns3 simulator. This paper also brings out the application of LTE bands using unlicensed with Wi-Fi bands by implementing it as FTP model in TCP model. The quantity and quality of licensed and unlicensed network differ from each other in an abnormal way. The demand of future is to use fast and safe internet in a cheap way. For this, various industries are trying to adapt LTE-U so that cheap and highly access Internet will be provided to users. This paper involves the application of LTE-U with Wi-Fi and analyzes the effects on UDP and TCP protocols.

Keywords: LTE-U, FTP, SDL, Unlicensed Spectrum, UDP, TCP.