Abstract: Earthquake happens due to the sudden release of large amount of energy from the earth’s crust. Because of this energy earth generates some destructive waves known as seismic wave. It has been found that the seismic waves include shear wave, longitudinal wave and surface wave. The longitudinal wave and shear wave are also known as P-wave and S-wave respectively. Out of all waves surface wave is the most destructive in nature, but the speed of the surface wave is slower than the other waves. The P-wave’s vibration direction and the forward motion are found to be same, which is the fastest in nature among the all waves. However, the destructive force of P-wave is found to be low. The S-wave’s vibration is perpendicular to the forward direction, whose speed is lower than P-wave but the destructive force is high.

Keywords: XBee S2, P-wave, S-wave and GSM.