Abstract: Nowadays, in India transformation tools are necessary in agronomic field sector to increase the economy. Internet of Things (IoT) is the efficient way to growth the productivity of agriculture. Development in internet has leads to the growth in data which results in emergence of cloud and IoT environment. In recent decades, pulling out of useful knowledge based content and recognizing the patterns in dataset are understood. Meaningful data need to be investigate and applied various self-restraints for identifying the significant features in agricultural domain. Understanding of suitable techniques in cloud computing and IoT requires for examining large datasets. The aim of this research is to build an information system for educating interaction between farmer and purchaser. The focus of this paper is to analyze and use of agri-cloud and IoT particularly by using Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) analysis to predict the crop manufacture to have decision making process easier.

Keywords: Regression analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing.