Abstract: A massive research is growing across the spectrum efficiently in networks such as LTE, based on 802.22 standards. Along with the spectrum efficiency by the mobile phone service point of view, the important energy savings is nothing but the reduction in operating costs and improve the efficiency of the spectrum is nothing more than increase profits. To improve profitability, it is necessary that the wide area network (wireless access networks) has efficient energy and spectrum. The division of this work are designed to offer a new hybrid approach, aimed at improving energy efficiency and spectrum Advance LTE cellular networks. We have a new policy for allocating optimal planning methods proposed size spectrum swelling, migration of users and distribution of various types of base stations sleep mode. A problem spectrum efficiency and energy optimization method is calculated as quasiconvex and then transforming a problem MILP. The optimization problem is solved quasiconvex bisection method and solved by a software tool MILP. Finally, we have contributed to the third algorithm to improve spectrum efficiency and energy in this paper. The proposed method practical simulation work performed using NS2. A practical simulation results show that the efficiency of the method is better than previous methods.

Keywords: Energy, Spectrum, LTE, Heterogeneous networks, Base station, Cellular, 802.22.