Abstract: The aim of this project is related to novel scheme for separable reversible data hiding in encrypted image is proposed, which consists of image encryption, data embedding and data-extraction/image-recovery ,3D chaos generation,3D histogram equalization, row rotation, column rotation and XOR operation phases. Additional message are embed into some cover media, such as military or medical images, in a reversible manner so that the original cover content can be perfectly restored after extraction of the hidden message is called reversible data hiding. Separable reversible data hiding, the name its self indicates that it is a separable reversible data technique .That is it is reversible data technique but which is separable. The separable means which is able to separate .The separation of activities i.e. extraction of original cover image and extraction of payload is done in this method. This separation requires some basic cause to occur. In separable data hiding key explained by Xinpeng Zhang the separation exists according to keys. Digital images has increased rapidly on the Internet. Security becomes increasingly important for many applications, confidential transmission, and video surveillance, military and medical applications. The transmission of images is a daily routine and it is necessary to find an efficient way to transmit them over networks.

Keywords: Encryption, 3D Chaos technique, Data Hiding, Decryption.