Abstract: Advancements in silicon technology, embedded systems, sensors, micro electro mechanical systems and wireless communications have led to the emergence of embedded wireless sensor networks (EWSNs). System explained here is an embedded system which uses ARM & a wireless sensor network. Typical widely available GPS receivers consume high energy, which limits its usefulness in any applications. In many sensing scenarios, preprocessing of location information is adequate at the time of data uploading to a server, Cloud-Offloaded GPS (CO-GPS) solution is designed that allows a sensing device to forces to manage duty-cycle its GPS receiver and log just raw data GPS signal for post processing. Cloud can compute good quality GPS location can be derived by using publicly available information such as GNSS satellite ephemeris and an Earth elevation database service, from a few milliseconds of raw data. GPS Module give us the output in terms of Latitude & Longitude of the location. Using GPRS module at we can collect all the information from the wireless sensor nodes & we can transmit it to the server. By using webpage, all the status of the system can be monitored.

Keywords: Embedded wireless sensor networks, Cloud-offloaded GPS (CO-GPS), Coarse time navigation (CTN), Webpage, Server, GPS receiver.