Abstract: Network security is an important issue in internet of things. An IPv6 network interconnects computer and large number of smart devices .these devices have sensing and actuation capability. These smart devices are connected to the internet, there is possibility that these devices can come under attack. The receiver should be able to verify the sensor data generated by trusted nodes. In some cases it may also be necessary to encrypt sensor data. There are many challenges and issues of implementing secure communication in IOT. We proposed a system, which resolves issue of secure communication. In this paper, we are using IPSec protocol (IPv6) in network .which can authenticate and encrypt the packets of data sent over the network. In this paper, we used AES algorithm for encryption and decryption of the data so attacker cannot modify the packet data. By using IPv6 and AES algorithm we provide End to End secure communication between smart devices on internet.

Keywords: Internet of things; 6LoWPAN; IPv6; AES algorithm; IPSec.