Abstract: Every educational institute generates huge bulky data related to all the students getting education from the institute. Though much data produced may be worthless, the institute can use some valuable information to provide better education. Data mining can be employed for such purposes so that key knowledge can be extracted for future use. Difficulty arises for the engineering students when they reach the final year. They are made to choose electives as their subjects. Students may know nothing about what the knowledge the subject represent for. This may create choice for them as the electives have considerable values in the grading system too and if the student fails to choose the appropriate elective then it may affect the final grades. To eliminate this trouble, a beneficial system is planned to develop using fuzzy logic system (FLS). The main objective is to help the pupils select the right our electives in their final year of engineering and data mining concepts would be useful to gain key information about the students on the basis of which the proper elective can be pointed out.

Keywords: Final Grades, FLS, Elective Subject, Data Mining.