Abstract: Safer transportation of women employees in the night or even in the day time has been a critical issue as it is often found that if they miss the bus/cab or ride the wrong bus/cab with no way to track them. This project intends to find yet another solution to solve this problem by developing a safety system that will control the entry and exit of employees from the buses through an efficient methodology. The proposed system will control the entry and exit of employees using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and GSM technologies to ensure the entering and exiting of all employees in a safer manner. The system will do all the process and allow the employee to be tracked while entering and leaving the bus. If the bus journey is successful from the source to destination, it will send an SMS to the management to inform its departure and arrival. It also gives the continuous information about the bus with the help of GPS. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, a message will be sent to the management that the driver is rash driving. In case of accidents, for the safety of employees, it also has Accident Detection System to inform the Ambulance and Police of the accident site and arrange for necessary steps to control the situation. The employee can be tracked by the management and the guardian throughout the travel with the help of this system. It also has automatic street light control system that can be implemented in low density areas. It helps to automatically turn ON and OFF according to the intensity of light and the movement of any vehicles.

Keywords: Women Safety System, accident detection, speed limit alert, automatic messaging system, automatic streetlights.