Abstract: The basic study of this paper provides information about one of the buzz word what we are familiarly known and using in our daily use is “Internet”. Internet is one of the major resource we can see everywhere. Here, the internet in its daily life is continuously changing and evaluating in all fields and areas. We are mainly focusing on one of the field in the IT (Information Technology) is “Internet of Things (IoT)”. The things what we considering by using Internet, is giving all the sources to everyone. The term Internet of Things considered as the future evaluation of internet that has machine to machine learning. IoT is providing a connectivity services to everyone and everything. Here, in this basic review, the paper addresses about the services about the Internet of Things that are most important like Trends, applications, current details about IoT etc. In each and every aspect of how the population, technologies, new fields in IT etc. Growing day by day the Internet of Things is becoming challenging towards every aspect. In the coming years, IoT is expected to bridge technologies with new applications by using physical objects with decision making intelligent system. Because,” The sky is not at the Limit. It’s just only beginning of Internet of Things (IoT)”.

Keywords: IoT; Trends; Challenges; Future IoT.