Abstract: Agriculture is the major sector in India. About 58% of the rural livelihood influenced by in agriculture. Out of which tomato is one of the common food crops in India. Due to which detection of disease on tomato plant becomes important because less susceptibility. The plants productivity gets affected if proper care is not taken. Image processing is one of upbringing technology which is helping to resolve such issues with various algorithms and techniques. Most of the diseases of tomato plant detected at initial stages as they affects leaves first. By detecting the diseases at initial stage on leaves will surely avoid impending loss. In this paper four key diseases are identified using image segmentation and Multi-class SVM algorithm. For parting of damaged area on leaves image segmentation is used and for classification of accurate disease Multi-class SVM algorithm is used. In last stage symptoms and treatment to detected diseases recommended user.

Keywords: Tomato; Plant disease; Image segmentation; Multi-class SVM.