Abstract: The image processing is used for video segmentation, the inherent unreliability of frequently results in corrupted video packets and jitter during video playback. Such a deviation is especially pronounced in processing of videos due to the fading and multipath interference impediments in image processing. Algorithm based video transmission provides reliability at the cost of severely increased delay arising from frequent retransmissions in case of packet error over constraints from session and application layers for in-sequence delivery. These delays are substantially worsened in low SNR (signal-to-noise power ratio) environments. Multiple connections, which efficiently utilize the bandwidth of the channel, have been demonstrated to yield significantly improved quality of video segmentation over image processing while enhancing the reliability of video delivery compared to methods. It proposes new scalable classified adaptive bit rate video coding over heterogeneity atmosphere for reliable video segmentation while reducing the delay and jitter of video foreground subtraction.

Keywords: Bandwidth, Error Control, Overhead, SNR, Prioritization, Video Segmentation, Foreground Subtraction.