Abstract: Web Based Clinical Data Management System” mainly keeps track of all the patient records of the patients that have taken services from the hospital that uses this system. All the work that was done manually before, like making appointments, storing patient data, getting test reports from test centres, etc. can be done using this system. Apart from these features, the system also reduces manual work on the admin by generating reports like the collection of money made for the day and the number of patients that came into the hospital to endure services for a given day. Moreover the entire project is a web based application, thereby making resources like test reports, patient symptoms and prescriptions available to the doctor in real-time. As it is web based, information stored in the server is easily accessible anywhere and at anytime. Resources can be easily managed and maintained with this system. It provides status of every resource which helps administrators and other staff using this system to manage them effectively and efficiently.

Keywords: Management, Automation, Clinical, Web.