Abstract: Cloud computing presents a new way to development the present use and release model for IT services based on the Internet, by providing for actively scalable and often virtualized assets as a service over the Internet. It enables extremely scalable services to be with no trouble consumed over the Internet on an as-needed basis. A major feature of the cloud services is that userís data are normally processed vaguely in unknown machines that users do not own or operate. While enjoying the skill brought by this new budding technology, we suggest a new really decentralized in series responsibility structure to keep path of the real practice of the userís data in the cloud. In particular, we offer an object-centered move toward that enables enclosing our sorting mechanism jointly with userís data and policies. We leverage the sorting mechanism to both create a active and roaming object, and to ensure that any access to userís data will start validation and automated sorting. To make stronger userís control, we also present spread audit mechanisms. We provide broad trial studies that show the good organization and success of the planned out come.

Keywords: cloud computing, authentication, logging, audit.