Abstract: Internet of things(IoT) is smart network technique where smart devices or smart things connected through internet through IP address. IoT is smart standardization technology that provides stacks for machine-to-machine(M2M) communication. In the smart home the IoT devices controls & monitors the electronics & mechanical systems used in smart home. Mobile application is used for the interfacing of home devices with the user. The IoT allows the mobile device to control & operate the household devices remotely from anywhere around the world using internet. For the interconnection between the device & user a Wi-Fi model, Zig-Bee or a Bluetooth is used. The sole purpose of this project is to develop a system that will provide remote control of home appliances and also provide security against the mishaps when the home host is not present, to assist the handicapped/old aged people at house through the use of internet.

Keywords: Internet of Things(IoT), Wi-Fi, Raspberry Pi, CoAP, Home Automation.