Abstract: Wireless sensor network gain enormous attention because of increase need of wireless sensing for application like weather forecasting, industrial automation. Deploying wireless networks on the same area get advantage. WSN lifetime is expected to be extended by cooperative packet sending across huge wireless sensor network. But WSN designer do not consider the heterogeneity in the characteristics of each WSN such as battery capacity, operation start time, and the number of sensor nodes, nodes locations, energy power consumption, packet size and/or data transmission timing, and route discovery. Clustering is a useful and practical solution for wireless sensor communication with low energy resources. The proposed system performance of WSNs. Proposed system implements solution for secure data transmission in cluster based network, where clusters are assigned and updated periodically. The energy pool is used as broker for fair cooperation. In order to energy efficient packet transmission in wireless network this system implements systematic and novel way of fairness driven queue management scheme. Fairness based queue management scheme helps to network traffic control by monitoring UDP data packet among clustered wireless communication. In order to overcome malicious packets transmission in the network, proposed system uses Identity based online and Identity based Online/Offline security mechanism. This help to avoid threats and its causes for drastic damage to the network. Proposed work improves a network security which targets at detection and prevention, compromised nodes detection energy hole attacks in wireless network.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, IBS and IBOOS convention, Key Management.