Abstract: Wimax and Wifi are the telecommunication technologies that offer transmission of wireless data via a number of transmission methods such as portable or fully mobile internet access via point to multipoint links. As the size of a Wireless Network is much vast the complete network is divided into clusters. Each cluster has a cluster head that controls all nodes of the network. These networks can have a node with the mobility. The problem begins when a node moves from the cluster to outside the range of a Cluster head. In such case, the control of that node is shifted to other Cluster Head. This process is called handoff mechanism. The proposed system is the scheme to select the best cluster head for this node respective to the reliability and efficiency. The proposed work is the selection of cluster head in case of heterogeneous network. Here the heterogeneity is defined in terms of two different networks these are Wimax and Wifi Networks. The process of handover between these networks is called vertical handover. This paper tells us how to minimize the vertical handover. In this work we have done the basic changes while performing the selection of base station.

Keywords: Wimax, Wifi, Cluster, Cluster Head, Handoff Mechanism, Heterogeneous Networks.