Abstract: WSNs are composed of limited-power sensors. Replacing or recharging sensors, especially when deployed in places where human intervention is risky, is an important challenge. Therefore, and since communication is the major energy consuming operation [1], ensuring an energy efficient usage is a major concern. Clustering is one of the techniques used for this purpose [2]. It decreases the number of sensors which take part in transmission thereby assist in power consumption [3]. The sensors are organized into clusters. Each Cluster has a Cluster Head (CH) to which only other cluster members send data. CHs gather information and send it to a base station for processing. We propose an method for CH selection based on multiple criteria (distance to base station, distance to cluster members, energy cost and number of rounds) using fuzzy logic. Simulation results show that MUCH decreases the energy consumption comparing to LEACH thus increases the network lifetime.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, Clustering, Energy Consumption, Fuzzy logic, Cluster-head election.