Abstract: Health information is one of the most critical data to manage and disseminate. Securing this information is a big challenge. Many vendors today are providing wearable devices, which collect different information and display them to the end-user, but the information provided by these wearable devices is not secured and encrypted. Information is extracted from various variable devices having different sensors to extract specific information from the human body. This information is further stored on the web servers which hold the records of individuals. Securing the dissemination of information from wearable devices to the web servers is a big challenge in the wearable industry today. In this research project, we are focusing on designing a comprehensive architecture for securing information dissemination and management of the end-users’ health data. We will be using optimization and encryption algorithms to protect the privacy of information which is being disseminated by wearable devices to the web servers which hold critical data related to the end-users. Our research project will collect data from various wearable devices and convert it to XML data sheets which, in turn, will help in information collaboration between various application software applications available for health information management.

Keywords: Security;Optimizatin; Encryption; Wearable Devices ; Health Information; XML.