Abstract: Data integrity and storage efficiency are two important requirements for cloud storage. Cloud computing has emerged as a long-dreamt vision of the utility computing paradigm that provides reliable and resilient infrastructure for users to remotely store data and use on-demand applications and services. Currently, many individuals and organizations mitigate the burden of local data storage and reduce the maintenance cost by outsourcing data to the cloud. However, the outsourced data is not always trustworthy due to the loss of physical control and possession over the data. In this context a storage service provider is demonstrated who offers storage services to their clients additionally the intermediate service distributors are also demonstrated that re-distribute the service of primary service providers. In this research work we are presented a novel approach i.e. TPA based Secure Data Transmission (TSDT) for the cloud data security using successful data transmission. Due to this for securing the data on the cloud storage and unsecured network transmission the cryptographic solution is proposed. Our experimental results prove the effectiveness and efficiency of our mechanism when evaluating shared data integrity.

Keywords: Data Security, Encryption, Decryption, AES, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, TPA, Deduplication, MD5.