Abstract: Today Wireless Sensor plays an important role in almost all the field including military surveillance, facility monitoring and environmental monitoring. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of several nodes which are used to collect and transmit data to the static sink. A static sink acts like an interface between users and the sensor network. The energy utilization of sensor node is essential in the WSN because it manage the lifetime of the sensor network. Data aggregation approach plays a fundamental role in gathering and aggregating data in an energy efficient manner. By tradition tree based approach is more efficient way in transferring the data to the sink. The Mobile sink finds several advantages over static sink. The Proposed work, called Pointed Query Area partition Algorithm with Mobile Sink approach is used. The Mobile sink follows controlled mobility pattern and it can finds the shortest path from its present location for data collection.The proposed algorithms focus on two problems such as lifetime extension and energy consumption. The experimental result of this work is illustrated with below using ns2 simulation.

Keywords: Data aggregation; Mobile sink; Controlled mobility pattern.