Abstract: Big data is now rapidly expanding in all science and engineering domains including physical, biological and biomedical sciences. Medical data are an ever growing source of information generated from hospitals consisting of patient records in the form of hard copies which can be made easier and convenient by using E-copies of the patient details. Our aim is to build a Health-care Portal system which will provide the features like clinical management, patient records and diagnosis of chronicle diseases. Proposed system will be useful in emergency and also when the patient is relocating. Iterative search algorithm helps in symptom matching and providing possible diseases ranked according to number of symptoms matched in the database. The k-NN algorithm is applied to classify the diseases into subgroups and higher preference subgroups are displayed. Differential diagnosis is used to narrowing down the diseases to the root disease out of the list of diseases that show similar symptoms. Baye's theorem is used to find the probable occurrence of disease.

Keywords: Data mining, Differential diagnosis, k-NN, Baye's theorem.