Abstract: With the explosion of information traffic due to the Internet, electronic commerce, computer networks, multimedia, voice, data, and video, the need for a transmission medium with the bandwidth capabilities for handling such vast amounts of information is paramount. Fiber optics, with its comparatively infinite bandwidth, has proven to be the solution. The security inherent in optical fiber systems is a major benefit. The increasing rate of crime, attacks by thieves, intruders and vandals, despite all forms of security gadgets and locks, still need the attention. To make optical link more secure many devices can be used for transmission and reception purpose. These devices may be DNA sensor lock, card sensor lock, electronic eye lock, thumbprint sensor lock and electronic combination lock. In this research paper we are focusing on a secure communication where biometric system can be used as a good and effective security option. An important and very reliable human identification method is fingerprint identification. As fingerprint of every person is unique thus it can be used in various security options. Fingerprint recognition at the transmitter side allows only valid person to transmit the signal. At the receiver side code lock security can be economic and good option to allow only valid user to receive the information which has been sent through secure optical link. During communication over the optical link, automation can also be achieved at the receiver end from the transmitter end. With the help of automation, energy consumption at the receiver end can be reduced upto a great extent from the transmitter end.

Keywords: Automation, Biometric security, Code-lock security, Optical fiber link.