Abstract: This paper describes energy-efficient communication in wireless Sensor Networks is necessary and identifies the main sources of energy dissipation as well as counter measures to make sure a long network lifetime. Wireless Sensor Networks can collect trusty and accurate information in distant and risky environments, and can be used in National Defence, Military Affairs, Industrial Control, Traffic Management, Medical Care, Smart Home, etc. The sensor whose resources are reserved is low-cost, and depends on battery to supply electricity, so itís importance for routing to efficiently utilize its power. The main purpose of this Research work is to investigate and find insight into the effect of energy efficient for wireless Sensor Networks using Leach and proposed new Leach protocol and their parameter. As noted, the research consists of both experimental and analytical results on MATLAB tool with the following parameter average energy of each node for different- different no of rounds, number of dead nodes, total number of packet received to base station and end to end delay.

Keywords: WSN, LEACH, Proposed LEACH, Network lifetime.