Abstract: With the growing technology, getting things do neat the tip of a finger have become very common. Everyone wants their stuff to be done quickly and easily whether it is changing television channel or ordering goods online. But when it comes togetting designed and customized suits, one does not have many options. What is observed is that user can select the parts of suit likeblazer, vest, tie, bowetc. User cannot completely customize the look he wants. Suit Yourself will enable user to choose smallest of the smallest detail. In traditional user has to visit the store, get the designs from tailors, explain them what exactly he wants the suit to look like and at the same time get recommendations from the designer himself. To overcome this hectic procedure, the idea of Suit Yourself has been undertaken. Suit Yourself is a concept to customize the suit online, which will help the customer better visualize the suit in 360-degree panoramic view before its tailored and will reduce the effort of client to goto the shop and getthings done.

Keywords: 360-degree panoramic, customization.