Abstract: A Kanji is similar to an Alphabet in English, but unlike an alphabet it has its own speci?c meaning. Every kanji also acts as a word depicting objects, weather, behaviour, etc. Because of this very reason there are about Three Thousand kanjis in the Japanese Language depending on the dialect. Memorizing every Kanji is a very dif?cult task, due to the sheer number of Kanjis as well as every Kanji is to be written in a speci?c Stroke order. Hence it becomes very hard for Japanese as Foreign Language (JFL) students to learn Kanjis. But Japanese being a pictographic language, construction of its Kanjis is based on pictures. Hence animation sequences for construction of every kanji maintaining its Stroke Order, are to be generated and displayed, so that JFL students can learn and understand Kanjis in a creative as well as an easier method.

Keywords: Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Pattern Recognition.