Abstract: The present paper is about an innovative, efficient and real-time cost beneficial method that enables international travelers to hear the text images of sign boards, routes in their own languages. It combines the concept of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), text to Speech Synthesizer (TTS) and translator in Raspberry pi. Text Extraction from color images is a challenging task in computer vision. Text-to-Speech conversion is a method that scans and reads any language letters and numbers that are in the image using OCR technique and then translates it into any desired language and at last it gives audio output of the translated text. The translate shell which is used to translate the text to is available in many languages. The translate shellis utilized to provide audio output too. This paper describes the design, implementation and experimental results of the device. This device consists of two modules, image processing module and voice output module. The device was developed based on Raspberry Pi b+ with 900 MHz processor speed.

Keywords: Translator, OCR, Rassberry pi, Tesseract , image magic, python .