Abstract: The venture is intended to build up a programmed water system framework that switches a valve ON/OFF by detecting the dampness substance of the dirt and switches engine ON/OFF by detecting the water level of tank utilizing remote innovation adequately for horticulture applications through GSM Modem utilized as a part of sending a SMS on the status. In the field of farming, utilization of legitimate technique for water system is vital. The upside of utilizing this technique is to decrease human mediation and to guarantee legitimate water system. Once the controller gets this flag, it produces a yield that drives a hand-off for working the water pump. It likewise sends a SMS to the concerned number utilizing GSM modem. A LCD show is additionally interfaced to the microcontroller to show the status of the dirt and water pump ON/off condition.

Keywords: ARM1, GSM2, Sensors3, water-saving irrigation4, water pump5, assembly language6 etc.