Abstract: Vehicle parking in today's date has turned into a noteworthy issue in urban territories, because of the absence of parking facilities and poor management. Problems emerging from the absence of parking facilities and poor administration incorporate movement clog, expanded contamination, expanded utilization of fuel.To relieve these issues, a model has been produced with the android application, appropriated frameworks, image processing. The prototype with the help of an android application gives the information regarding the availability of car parking to the user directly. Delivering User the information regarding the parking space availability will thus reduce the time, fuel and efforts invested in search of a parking space. This will also lead to a reduction in traf?c congestion, ultimately leading to less pollution. A database maintained for the availability of parking space can be used for better management of parking spaces. For detection of car parking spaces, image processing is helpful which will determine the parking availability. This prototype hence, will reduce manpower needs and increase the ?exibility and security. The image processing at the local server level and only providing the required information to the central server thus optimizes the process followed by this prototype. Thus, a distributed parking prototype is developed to mitigate the problems faced by a common man and in the process conserving fuel and helping reduce global warming, pollution as well.

Keywords: Image processing, car park occupancy, object detection, information system.