Abstract: The Rapid development of innovation and framework has made our lives less demanding. The coming of innovation has additionally expanded the movement perils and the street mischances happen oftentimes which causes gigantic death toll and property as a result of the poor crisis offices. Our venture will give an ideal answer for this downside. An accelerometer can be utilized as a part of an auto caution application so that unsafe driving can be recognized. It can be utilized as a crash then again rollover identifier of the vehicle amid and after a crash. With signs from an accelerometer, an extreme mischance can be perceived. As indicated by this venture when a vehicle meets with a mishap instantly Vibration sensor will identify the flag or if an auto moves over, and Micro electro mechanical framework (MEMS) sensor will identifies the flag and sends it to ARM controller. Microcontroller sends the ready message through the GSM MODEM including the area to police control room or a safeguard group. So the police can instantly follow the area through the GPS MODEM, in the wake of getting the data. At that point subsequent to acclimating the area essential move will be made. On the off chance that the individual meets with a little mishap or if there is no genuine risk to anyone`s life, then the ready message can be ended by the driver by a switch gave so as to abstain from squandering the profitable time of the medicinal safeguard group. This paper is successful in recognizing the mishap absolutely by way of doing thing for both vibration sensor and Micro electro Mechanical framework (MEMS) or accelerometer. As there is a field of reference for development and as an age execution we can include a remote gps system for catching the location which will aid in giving victim help. Here we have discussed on alcohol sensor which will indicate the person can drive the car or not and will allow the car to get started or stop.This will increase the safety parameters of person.

Keywords: GSM, GPS, Vibration Sensor, ARM Controller, MEMS.