Abstract: The emergence of Social Media has given a platform to the public to articulate their interests and opinion. Social Media has a great impact on the publicís thoughts and opinion and the public does not hesitate to express their thoughts through Social Media. Lately, Social Media is increasingly used in Political Context. Through Social media the public have got a platform to voice their opinion about anything and everything, this also include politics. Due to the transparency of the social media, any issues raised will reach out to the whole world. Hence the participation of the citizens in government related issues will make the authorized officials accountable to look into the issues immediately. These opinions pertaining to political institutions and government are gathered from micro blogging services and social networking sites to identify the efficiency of the government. This paper discuss an approach where data collected from social media are preprocessed and classified to identify the major issues encountered by the public in their daily life. In this paper we propose a method to identify the most important government related issues from the perspective of the public.

Keywords: Social Media, Text Categorization, Text Mining, Data Pre-processing, Opinion Mining.